Daniel Perry with his Tak FSQ 106ED, SV80S, MI 250 mount....   And with his TeleGizmos 365 Series Covers.                                                                                                                                  

Courtesy of Daniel Perry, 2008

Daniel Perry, an exceptionally talented astro photographer from Ontario, California shared with us

a recent experience he had with his 365 Series Covers. Below are his comments....


Hi Telegizmos,

Not too long ago, I purchased a couple of your 365 Series covers from Scopestuff. I bought one to cover my portable pier and mount, and the other to cover the telescopes and cameras on the mount. My setup is entirely mobile so I roll it in and out of the garage at home or tear everything down to go out to remote sites. While they're called the "365 Series", I bought them with the intention of leaving everything set up and covered for no more than a few consecutive days and nights and never during inclement weather. So that's how I've been using them for the last several months.

I recently had my scope set up for several nights in a row at home. I always put on the Telegizmos covers to protect against pollen, dew, bird droppings, etc. But never do I leave everything out in the open if any rain is expected... even if it's just a light drizzle. Well, wouldn't you know it, the other night we had a pretty good downpour in the wee hours of the morning. Did the local news say anything about a chance of rain? No. Did the weather websites say anything about rain? No.

At about 3:30am, when the rain got hard enough that it woke me up (roughly 2-3 hours after the rain had started), I sat up in bed horrified realizing that the scope was outside in the open. With my pier, mount, two apochromatic refractors, and an expensive CCD camera attached, there's about $20,000 under those Telegizmos covers. I ran out and wheeled everything into the garage as quickly as I could. I wiped down the covers so as not to let any of the water drip on to the equipment underneath when I removed them. Then, I nervously removed the top Telegizmo cover. Everything from the tip of the top telescope to the power supply under the pier was BONE DRY!

All that to say, I am ecstatic with your covers and their ability to protect against the unexpected. They saved me from a potentially extremely unpleasant experience. They saved the day and protected every last bit of equipment under them.

I'm glad I went with a larger refractor cover than I needed as it overlaps the pier/tripod cover very nicely and provided that extra level of protection that was needed on that wet, wet night.

So, my thanks to you! The 365 Series is a truly unique product that's worth every penny!


Daniel Perry

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