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Got a picture you'd like to share of your TeleGizmos cover at work? Send it to us and we'll post it here.


TeleGizmos in action...sizes big enough to handle the largest set-ups


Custom 365 Series cover for C14 Imaging platform. Image courtesy of Gary Cole 2010



Image courtesy of Matthias  Bopp


         Tool Box used for accessory storage. Photo courtesy "Star Angle


   Design of custom Parallax Mount cover. Finished cover seen below.




       TMB 9" refractor, Parallax Mount three cover set-up. Images courtesy of Tim Povlick






     Field of TeleGizmos Covers ripe and waiting to be harvested! Image courtesy of Jim Summers



 Custom 365 Series cover for GM 11. Photos courtesy Wayne Malkin




       Bino Protection




               Custom 365 Cover for Pier with leg base...a bit different




            Jim Richberg's 24" f4 Dob at the 2007 Winter Star Party, Florida Keys.                                                Lot's of rain during the 2007 WSP. A large amount of

            Photo courtesy of Jim Richberg                                                                         water shown here accumulated between the truss

                                                                                                                                                                   poles. No leakage occurred as a result.


Large Truss Dob covers at work in Coonabarabran, Australia, March 2007. Photo Courtesy Fred Koch


 Fred Hunt's set-up in his roll-off. Photo Courtesy Fred Hunt


Custom 365 Series scope/mount cover and computer table cover. Photo Courtesy Gary Emerson


 Several TeleGizmos covers at work at Joshua Tree, CA. Spring 2007. Photo Courtesy Jim Summers


Classic Refractor on custom made mount built by Ron Ravneberg. Photo Courtesy Ron Ravneberg


Photos Courtesy of Kazasidis Panagiotis, Athens, Greece



Photo courtesy of Lee Buck