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Telescope Covers

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365 Series Covers...

SCT's on Forks, SCT's on forks w/wedge, SCT's on EQ's, Refractors on EQ's

Standard TeleGizmos Telescope Cover links...

The TGTP Tripod Cover

SCT, Mak & RC Covers for Fork mount & fork w/wedge

GEM Mounted SCT's, Maks & RC

GEM and Alt-AZ Mounted Refractors 

Gem Mounted Newtonians

Dob Covers for vertical to 60 degree down park position

Truss Dob Covers for horizontal to 90 degree down park position

TGLB-12 Light Bridge Cover

Field Pack Covers



Introducing: The TGSO Solar Observing Hood

        The new TGSO...Solar Observing hood. Simple to use, easy to install. Dual layer design with our solar material on the outside to keep you cool and a black opaque inner liner to provide light blockage. Significantly improves your solar observing experience. Velcro closure  to secure the cover to your scope. Introduction priced of $44.95           


Custom sized table covers. We now offer custom sized table/work station covers in either our 365 Series canvas or our standard solar material. Call for details and price. Standard solar material covers start as low as $42.95 for a 34"x30"x30" table.

New sizes in the 365 Series Scope covers:

The T306 for the Meade 6" Light Switch

The T309 for fork mounted 8"-9" SCT's

The T31D for vertical park of 6" & 8" Dobs

The T32D for vertical park of 10" & 12" Dobs

The T3N8 for GEM Mounted 8" Newtonians

The T3N1 for GEM Mounted 10" Newtonians

Two new sizes in the Standard Solar Scope covers:

The TGLB-16V, 16" LightBridge for vertical park

The TGLB-16H, 16" LightBridge for horizontal park



The Light Bridge Truss Pole Case for 8"-16" Light Bridge Dobs


Made of 410 denier rip stop nylon, with Velcro closure straps. Will accommodate trusses with foam rubber covers. $19.95


New products are always under development. Check back with us to see what's next.



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