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365 Series Covers...

SCT's on Forks, SCT's on forks w/wedge, SCT's on EQ's, Refractors on EQ's

Standard TeleGizmos Telescope Cover links...

The TGTP Tripod Cover

SCT, Mak & RC Covers for Fork mount & fork w/wedge

GEM Mounted SCT's, Maks & RC

GEM and Alt-AZ Mounted Refractors 

Gem Mounted Newtonians

Dob Covers for vertical to 60 degree down park position

Truss Dob Covers for horizontal to 90 degree down park position

TGLB-12 Light Bridge Cover

Field Pack Covers


The TeleGizmos Advantage               We've got you covered, here's why...



Dealers & Contact Information

These dealers keep the full line of TeleGizmos Covers in stock and are ready to assist         you in selecting the cover best suited to fit your needs. We maintain associations with       the best dealers in the business. All these dealers are known for they high level of     expert customer service.




Cloud Break Optics

                                                               Camera Concepts           








Around the World...




      England...First Light Optics


                                     Widescreen Centre


                   Rother Valley Optics


       In Germany...


                Teleskop Shop



               Japan...                      Telescope Factory of Japan

               Canada...             David Astro

                                   Telescopes Canada

                                   Lire La Nature 


                                   Red Carpet Telescopes                 





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