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TeleGizmos Telescope Covers

Newest Products...  Updated 01/01/2024...

Custom sized table covers, 365 Series Covers for 6" & 8" Dobs, 10" Dobs, 8" & 10" GEM mount Newtonians, LightBridge covers.

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365 Product pricing...365 SCT's on Forks, SCT's on forks w/wedge, SCT's on EQ's, Refractors on EQ's, Dobs

TeleGizmos 365 Series Table Covers for any size table or work here for more info

Standard TeleGizmos Telescope Cover links...

The TGTP Tripod Cover

SCT, Mak & RC Covers for Fork mount & fork w/wedge

GEM Mounted SCT's, Maks & RC

GEM and Alt-AZ Mounted Refractors 

Gem Mounted Newtonians

Dob Covers for vertical to 60 degree down park position

Truss Dob Covers for horizontal to 90 degree down park position

TGLB-12 Light Bridge Cover

Field Pack Covers

The TeleGizmos Advantage               We've got you covered, here's why...

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        The TGSO...Solar Observing hood. Simple to use, easy to install. Dual layer design with our solar material on the outside to keep you cool and a black opaque inner liner to provide light blockage. Significantly improves your solar observing experience. Velcro closure  to secure the cover to your scope. $69.95

TGSO...Solar Observing Hood...selected to Sky & Telescope's 2016 Hot Product list...thanks S&T!




 The Original TeleGizmos Solar Scope Cover

Featured in the Product Showcase of

Featured in the Product Showcase of

The TeleGizmos Solar Scope Cover is a multi-layer, polyethylene material with a fully aluminized surface. The heat reflective ability of the cover is extremely high with a material strength equal to a multi-layer light weight tarp.

The material was originally developed for NASA as an insulator in spacecraft. It is very strong, light, tear and puncture resistant and is highly superior to Mylar in durability.

The benefits of the covers are numerous:

Will provide full weather protection.*

Highly reflective. True & effective radiant barrier protection.

Greatly reducing scope temperature on scopes left outside in sunlight.

They can be securely fastened to your scope with the built in draw string.

Double lap sewn seams for strength.

Tear and puncture resistant.

Extreme temperature tolerance.

*Recommended usage:

Temporary outside storage not to exceed more than occasional, short term outside exposure. For long term outside usage (periods in excess of 1-2 weeks continuous exposure) our 365 Series covers are recommended.


The 365 Series Telescope Covers...24/7, 365 outside protection, year after year with a reputation built on 5 years of customer proven durability...


Featured in the New Product Showcase of

The new 365 Series Cover System is designed to meet all your equipment cover needs, inside or outside. However, it's real strength is the ability to withstand the demands of continuous 24/7, 365 outdoor exposure. Design and in-field testing for more than year in several weather extremes, the 365 Cover is tried and proven with the warranty to back it up. Read more...


We also can produce custom sized covers for almost any type of application Let us know what you need and we will work with you to produce it.

All TeleGizmos covers come with a one year material and craftsmanship warranty.

                               Proudly made in the great state of Texas

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